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Volunteering in our Schools

Letter from LVUSD regarding volunteering

Dear Parent Volunteers,

We greatly appreciate your willingness to volunteer in your child’s classroom throughout the school year!

As a reminder, the Education Code and state law AB 1667 requires that school and classroom volunteers be assessed for risk of active Tuberculosis through a TB risk assessment. California Tuberculosis Controllers Association (CTCA) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) advise that volunteers with frequent or prolonged contact with pupils be screened. CTCA cites examples of frequent and prolonged contact as regularly-scheduled volunteering and/or chaperoning field trips. The TB risk assessment is a short interview via questionnaire that must be completed in person with a licensed health care provider every 4 years.

The Tuberculosis Risk Assessment can be obtained at your cost by presenting the attached form to the medical office of your choice or to any local urgent care facility. Your own physician or any other health agency may provide proof of a current Tuberculosis clearance.

If you are unsure about whether or not you have completed the TB Risk Assessment in the last 4 years, please contact your school’s health clerk. It will be your responsibility to return the Tuberculosis (PPD) Risk Assessment, once it is completed, to the school office where you plan to volunteer. This assessment is good for four years, so you may want to make a copy for yourself. You will not be able to volunteer in the classroom until the TB risk assessment is completed.

Melissa Foster, DNP, RN
Health Services Department Chair

Las Virgenes Unified School District
Pupil Services Department
Health/Nursing Services

TB Assessment Form for your medical provider

The requirement for a TB assessment is the following: Persons volunteering with frequent or prolonged contact with pupils. As a district we have defined this as parents volunteering in the classroom (media center, art, etc.) or going on a field trip. It is NOT required for parents who will be on campus to watch a performance, go to open house or attend other events on campus.

Confidentiality Form is required for volunteers (English or Spanish)

Signing this form confirms your commitment to respecting the privacy of our students.